Kent Kidwell

For many years, Kent Kidwell has been a freelance sculptor, creature creator and bronze artist. Kent describes the unique imagination he uses for Mortal Remains:

"For me the universal warehouse of ideas is opened when my eyelids close. There I conceive new creature characters. First I develop their sculpture image, then cross over from the static to developing full head-to-toe costumes. My goal is that the design will enable the costumed actors to breathe life into their characters. “

Mortal Remains Is a family business . They work together making monsters in a 100 year old school house in southeast Missouri.

From Our Friends at VFX!

"Kent Kidwell and his crew at mortal remains are awesome We've hired Kent to do several of our sculpts for us and they have been some of our best-selling products. His eye for details is amazing! As far as their products, I highly recommend their highly detailed creature costumes and the Fog Cannons are showstoppers!"