Vortex Fog Cannon Creation

We envisioned the Vortex Fog Cannon as a quick scare noise device for the Haunt industry. Tinkering around after its success, hmm… let’s try adding fog. Amazingly it could shoot a perfect ring of smoke across our 30 foot shop. After months of enhancements, the Cannon can now send an expanding 18 inch ring over 200 feet. And can be assembled in 20 minutes.

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Kent Kidwell

For many years, Kent Kidwell has been a freelance sculptor, creature creator and bronze artist. Kent describes the unique imagination he uses for Mortal Remains:

"For me the universal warehouse of ideas is opened when my eyelids close. There I conceive new creature characters. First I develop their sculpture image, then cross over from the static to developing full head-to-toe costumes. My goal is that the design will enable the costumed actors to breathe life into their characters. “

Mortal Remains Is a family business . They work together making monsters in a 100 year old school house in southeast Missouri.

The Hellimentals

Many years ago when witchcraft and sorcery were forbidden by man. Those that practiced were burned, tortured, or forced from their homes. To hide away in the darkest forests, where no traveler would go. 

And in those sunless dank hallows, a coven of spiteful witches combined their magic and chanted unspeakable commands. Incantations call up the darkness to bring to life the rotting and fallen forest floor. 

From the broken tree and the mossy branches sprung unspeakable evil animated with the souls of demons. sent out on "All Hallows Eve" To take back that which they had lost, furious and hungry for blood, elements conjured from the loamy earth, when hate and magic are combined solely to curse and kill, mankind must beware!